Verizon FiOS Deals

Verizon FiOS is a very unique service in many ways, but most of those different paths to uniqueness trace their roots back to a single fact: fiber optics from the house to the Internet and back again is the way of the future.  The simple truth is that the Internet is literally lined with fiber optics, and there are some very good reasons for that.  The most fundamental of which is that fiber optics allow signals to travel incredible lengths before they are received without losing any of the multiple light-frequency data that they can carry.  By contrast, electrical transmissions lose signal integrity and clarity very quickly and the more complex data transmission only shortens the effective maximum wire distance and lifespan of those wires.

The net upshot is that fiber has a lot of speed, low cost, and has some serious digital legs.

Verizon puts this knowledge to good use by deploying a 100% pure fiber optic connection right to the property line of consumers.  This results in some incredible bandwidth, and Verizon has come up with some clever ways to use that bandwidth.  Let’s start by looking at how the fiber optic upstart uses bandwidth in its easiest to understand form…

Verizon FiOS Deals Devastating Broadband Bombardment

Verizon FiOS now brands its broadband packages under the Quantum name, and they offer four and a half plans if you want to be technical about things.  The “Good” plan is about what other carriers would consider their top-end plan, with 15 Mbps of downstream performance matched up with a very healthy 5 Mbps of upstream performance, while the “Better” package makes a colossal leap to hit 50 Mbps / 20 Mbps.  That jump alone is worth a 30 minute reduction in the time it would take to download an HD movie and shaved about 5 minutes off the time it would take to upload 200 large JPEG photos to the Internet, and this is still where FiOS is getting warmed up.

The best Verizon FiOS deals in the Internet department come at the “Best” and its half-brother/half-plan the “Best + Streaming” package(s).  The “Best” offers 75 Mbps / 35 Mbps, while the streaming nearly doubles both figures to 150 Mbps / 65 Mbps.  For the record, that means that the “Best” package would download that full HD movie in just under 9 minutes and upload 200 large JPEG photos in 58 seconds, while it’s bigger half-brother would do the same in just under 4 ½ minutes and 31 seconds respectively.

Of course, there are those that just want to go fast, and Verizon FiOS deals an absolute crushing blow to the competition with a ridiculously fast “Ultimate” package that does exactly what it says on the can.  At 300 Mbps / 65 Mbps, this package should come with a speeding ticket already filled out with your name on it, but it delivers full HD movies in 2.2 minutes while keeping that ridiculous 31 second upload time for 200 large photos.

Verizon FiOS Deals Deathblow to Digital Cable

To be candid, Verizon FiOS deals another near fatal blow with its digital cable offerings, but it is not just in the numbers.  The way that the services are all combined and fused intelligently makes viewing the crystal clear HD channels just that much better when you have content-related apps, the ability to manage caller ID and DVR from a single screen in a way that just makes sense, FlexView on Demand and viewable from tablets to PCs and beyond, and even more.  This is what TV was really meant to be, but of course all of these niceties are nothing without channels, right?  That same amazing bandwidth provided by fiber optic connections enables some great Verizon FiOS deals on digital TV packages.

The most basic of FiOS TV offerings is the PrimeHD, which offers at least 210 channels, of which at least 55 are in HD.  These numbers can go up substantially in some markets, but they do not often approach the next tier which si the Extreme HD.  With 290+ channels, at least 75 of which are in glorious HD, only the Ultimate HD package has more to offer with another90 or more channels and another 35 or more in HD.  The channels are intelligently arranged and you can always buy a la carte offerings or blocks if there is some show that you simply must watch on a particular network.

Verizon’s FiOS DVR systems are a stroke of absolute genius, and are capable of remotely managed anywhere you can get online.  This makes signing up for show you hear about around the water cooler to be a real breeze!

Digital Telephone the Fiber Optic Way

Fiber optics have powered the telecom industry for years now, and that same clarity is now brought to the home user via Verizon FiOS.  Verizon breaks away from its familiar “Good,” “Better,” and “Best” package lineup and simplifies things with a single domestic plan and an upgrade plan for international calls.  Both plans start with a crystal clear foundation and every single feature you might expect, but they also have other features you may not have been expecting such as the ability to check through your call longs on your TV or via the Internet.

Verizon FiOS Offers and Verizon FiOS Deals

Verizon FiOS offers many different ways to save.  The Verizon FIOS deals you can find online are a great way to start, but you want to use those only to get what you want.  It is never advisable to spend more money on a service that you do not need or do not need at a high level, in order to save on something that you will need.  This is true both short term and long term.

Verizon FiOS Specials Too!

There are periodical Verizon FiOS specials that come and go.  New markets as well as upgrades to existing markets with better features tend to be the best time to buy, and existing customers know full well that usually they get free upgrades whenever the network in their area is overhauled anyhow. New customers can wait for these ideal times to use other Verizon FiOS deals with the Verizon FiOS bundles that they want to save lots of money in both the short run and the long run.

Verizon FiOS Bundles

The most reliable way to save money and get the best Verizon FiOS deals is to look at the bundles that Verizon offers.  So long as you actually need and will use the services you select, it is almost impossible to beat the bundled rates on their own merits.  Comparing them to comparable services will usually bring you directly to the conclusion that there is no comparison; Verizon’s fiber optic network is built from the ground up to simply be faster and more affordable, something that they have become experts at translating into offering more for less in often creative ways.  The fusion of the services is simply a perk above and beyond this affordability, but it still pays to look at the double play and triple play bundles.

A double play bundle is when you put two services together from the various Verizon FiOS deals we have already mentioned.  That brings us directly to the biggest of the bundles…

Save With a Verizon FiOS Triple Play Bundle

The Verizon FiOS triple play bundle gives by far the best value, but also the best fusion of services.  As the network is constantly being upgraded and new features are being added, there is simply no way to discount the present value of a Verizon FiOS triple play package, but also its future merit.